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If you’ve been following my IMVU closely then you would have noticed I’ve been working my way through some My Little Pony (FIM) characters as cute centaurs!

I am open to suggestions and I’m working on male and female taurs so both sexes get the fun. If you want to suggest one then please take a look at the MLPFIM wikia list of ponies and drop me a message on my Facebook!

Here are the pics of what I’ve done so far, you’ll have to dive into my catalog if you want to buy them! Or you can click the images for a list of links to all the relevant products to each pony!

Rarity display

midnyt glitter display

Rusty Ry Display

Commission Prices – Sept 17th 2011

Hello everyone, I’m open for commissions!

I work fast, your commission can often be done within a few days. I’m willing to haggle my prices, maybe it’s a bit too much for you or you’re an artist too – we can trade! I can do a range of different styles that aren’t displayed in the pic including; flash dress up games, second life furry mods and custom IMVU items. Please contact me on deviantArt if you wish to commission me!

Please click the image to view it in large!

Hi! This is an up to date price guide for my commissions.
I am still willing to haggle a little bit if you don’t like the prices!

Let me explain the Strong/Weak bit.
It means these are the things I’m confident and not so confident with drawing, it doesn’t mean I won’t draw these things.

I do PG and R rated and random nudity.
I’m not so good with mecha things or cyber parts even if I do love them oh so much!
I can make flash dress up games too please message me about them though.

If you have any questions regarding what I will/won’t draw then please ask me!

I only accept payments through PayPal as services (NOT GIFT) or Second Life Linden Dollars.

Send me a message if you’re interested in commissioning me and take a look in my gallery to get an idea of what I’m capable of drawing.

Twisted Alice – Project Themeory

My new dress for project themeory – Vintage movies. (I chose Alice in Wonderland!)

I had been in a bad mood this past week, I think it shows through this product 😛
Its LIMITED edition and will be available for 75L$ until the end of the weekend. Then it’ll be on sale for 200L$ until Halloween. Then it’ll be GONE.


Clean and dirty versions of the outfit

The dress with apron, bow, brush, clock, chains


Two types of demon eyes (one is pure black and the other is red tinted)

Slit throat tattoo (queen of hearts left her mark!)

Sore eye tattoo (for added creepy)


Come and buy!
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Princesses and Markers

Sooo, while I was experiencing a spazzy mood last night I managed to make a couple bright skins for you guys, there’s not much else behind it than that.

:sparkle pwincess:

This skin is a delicious deep tanned skin.

The eye make up is white, purple and rainbow (very subtle rainbow).

The lip gloss is the same style from my anime skins, I thought it’d suit the princess look just fine!


This skin is a delicious deep tanned skin.

(Also available in a pale skin tone)

The eye make up is multi-coloured and mismatching!

The lip gloss is the same style from my anime skins, but it has drippy pink drool.


:IMVU Outfit 2:

I tried to create an outfit using mainly my own products and I happened to make some funky goat girl using my supa colour combo (which is suffer [yellow] and gum [pink]). I remember I was kinda being silly on the day I put together this look, I think I was chillin’ with my sister, Cappy and just derped out.



head – [Cute AZN Head]

avatar – TF Diva Avatar 1

skin – . my colours

eyes – . valenshines PLUM

eyebrows – . gum brows

hair – . gum afro

eyelashes – *Ki* Fashion Lashes AZN

nails – -BA- 09′ Manicure 6


dress – . fairy suffer

shoes – . training supa


horns – . suffer buff hornz

face stickers –$ GEM – Stars 1

necklace – $ Elektro Necklace

bracelets – * Pill Binge Brace R

ring – $ *Plutonian Bling Pop